In recent years, pig industry has become into a sector of such strategic importance within the Spanish food supply chain because of:

Its productive potential

Its very high degree of internationalization

its clear focus on innovation

The International Pig Industry has become one of the most important business in the world with great prospects  of investment. In Europe and Spain, its technological transfer is making strides  to respond to and meet the needs and challenges.


It is a strong, advanced, technological, profesional and responsible industry. An industry that offers major opportunities.

What makes us strong?


  • Established and modern production structure
  • High degree of globalization and export capacity


Challenges and Opportunities


  • Need forthe consumption of animal protein in a growing global population.
  • Innovation and R&D sectorial Development.
  • Health and Biosecurity problems (antiobiotics, salmonella, swine fever).
  • Environmental sustainability risk (pig waste treatment).

Challenges in Pig Industry


  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Valorisation and managementof by-products and pig wastes
  • Improvement ofanimal welfare
  • Reduction in use of antibiotics
  • Alternative nutrition to decreased dependence and costs
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Digitalisation
  • Product traceability
  • Adaptation to newconsumer trends
  • Healthy food habits
  • Lifetimeextensions fresh product
  • Optimising freezing technologies
  • Reputation corporate image
  • Training
  • Efficiency
  • trade diversification