Business hosting services

Business hosting services

Porcinnova has got an incubator in Ejea de los Caballeros, a strategic location of agrifood industry and one of the pig industry busy areas in Spain, a high technology incubator with the necessary means and resources to enhance the survival of the projects and its launch stage to the market during the incubation and/or acceleration stage.

Company address

Business Incubation and Acceleration centre and coworking.

      • Independent offices.
      • 24 coworking sites.

Communal areas with meeting rooms, office, etc.

Porcinnova reinvention

Porcinnova offers you an innovative 3D virtual space from which you can take a virtual tour of the IAT Porcinnova facilities and access all the information on Porcinnova.

Our location

Polígono Industrial Valdeferrín

Calle E, Parcela 14

50600 Ejea de los Caballeros (ZARAGOZA)

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You can visit us whenever you´d like. Feel free to contact us without obligation.