Business Innovation services

Business Innovation services

In parallel to incubation and acceleration stages, Porcinnova provides startups, entrepreneurs and industrial partners a range of support services about sectoral and business challenges, the design and implementation of the experiments to run a series of experiments to validate the technological developments and business models every participant had designed in order to participate in the acceleration programme.


These services include assistance in innovation management,  competitive intelligence and technological transfer in the different stages of the incubated and accelerated projects.

The assistance will be done not only to starups and entrepreneurs but also to the industrial partners:

Initial Technological diagnostic reports of the Start ups and entrepreneur projects.

Technological Tool transfers to carry the new products and services into the agrifood market.

Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence services from the PORCINNTelligence platform.

This is the first AI-powered technological surveillance tool that is developed specifically for the pig sector: watch the tutorial video.


Enter and sign-up to use the Beta version that is currently in the testing phase. Help us create a collective intelligence for the pig sector!