Business acceleration services

Business acceleration services

Business acceleration programme is developed for a 6 months period. The required resources and not only our resources but also our industrial partners will be made available in order to design and and run a series of experiments to validate the technological developments and business models every participant had designed in order to participate in the acceleration programme.


Porcinnova acceleration methodology provides the implementation of successive experiments as quickly as posible with the minimum resources it needs, following the Lean Startup methodology.   The goal is to get a real progress in the technical and business validation process in each experiment iteration.


This programme consists of around 350 hours, all the Thursdays and Fridays and it also includes:

1. Courses, 9 sessiones on new technological trends:

      • Biotechnologies: animal health, food security.
      • Industry 4.0: robotics y mechanisation, IoT, cloud, big data & data analytics, data security, visual information.
      • Computer vision and augmented reality.
      • Blockchain.
      • Circular Economy.

2. Training Activities, 3 sessiones to focus in sectorial aspects on Pig industry, value chain, globalisation and open innovation.

3. Workshops, 10 sessiones to know different startups and entrepreneurs technological trends and study cases developed and different technologies carried into the agrifood market.

4. Hackathons, 3 events to plan and design responses to the sectorial and business challenges posed by the Porcinnova industrial partners.

5. Mentoring, 3 sessions (initial, mid-term and final Porcinnova programme review.

      • Business Model Mentoring, globalisation and scalability with the best professionals among our industrial partners.

6. Guidance, around 4 weekly hours during 6 months programme duration.


      • Guidance, support and monitoring by specialist tutors in innovation and technology transfer.

7. Visits to our industrial partners companies, production centres and different facilities.